My rooster is aggressive, can you take him?

It’s better to understand your “problem” roosters, instead of rehoming them:

Spring is the time when we see a huge increase in people trying to get rid of, or abandoning their roosters like Victor here. As the season changes and the sun stays out longer, the extra daylight changes their internal clock. This causes their hormones to go into overdrive which often leads to what people consider undesirable behaviors. Roosters are very misunderstood animals. They are usually put with hens to protect them, but we get upset when the rooster protects them from us. Let’s try to think like a rooster for a minute though…His job is to protect the hens, keep them happy, and make babies. If your only interaction with your rooster each day is to go in and take the eggs and upset his ladies, the rooster is only seeing our interactions in a negative way. It’s important that your rooster sees you as a resource to him and his hens. When you begin to see undesirable behaviors from your rooster, here are some tips.

  1. Never run from your rooster. This is the worst thing you can do. It’s important you stand your ground.
  2. When your rooster is showing undesirable behaviors, pick him up and hold him. Carry him around with you. Maybe even cuddle, just don’t hold him too close to your face until you are in a good place!
  3. Bring him treats and always reward him for good, calm behavior. Just like anyone else, positive reinforcement for good behavior helps!
  4. Spend time with your chickens beyond just taking what you want from them. Let him see you are there to love and care for his ladies with him, not just upset them. Remind him that you are a resource, not a threat.
  5. When you get frustrated, remember he is doing his job and would lay down his life for any one of his ladies because he loves them as much as you do. Roosters can be invaluable to your chicken family, and once you begin to respect and understand each other, they can be your best friend and very sweet. Don’t give up!