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Please note, our sanctuaries are very busy places and we cannot accommodate visitors who drop by without an appointment, even just to walk around. Keep reading to find out more about scheduling a visit. Thank you!


Please carefully read and agree to the following guidelines before scheduling your visit:

  • For the safety of our staff and fellow visitors, please do not visit if you are sick
  • If you have been around sick animals (or animals that you suspect may be sick) please wait for another time to visit. We cannot risk exposing our animals and have very strict contagious disease quarantine protocols here
  • If you have farmed animals or equines at home, please do not wear unwashed clothing that could potentially transmit disease to our animal residents and do not wear the same footwear you use around other farmed animals/equines
  • While some animals may invite attention, we ask everyone to be respectful of the animals and give them space when they want it - this is their home and they don't have to say hello if they don't want to.
  • This is not a petting zoo. Well-behaved children are always welcome, but if people are not following the rules or are disturbing the animals, they may be asked to leave
  • If you want to bring fresh (unspoiled) produce to donate to the animals it is greatly appreciated but will be collected and fed out by our caregivers only – no feeding of the animals is permitted
  • We have a strict 5mph speed limit at our main sanctuary property to ensure our animals and visitors are safe - please respect this speed limit and drive slowly
  • For safety reasons, we cannot allow people to bring companion animals to PRS. Visitors are also not allowed to leave companion animals in parked cars. Please respect this rule and leave your furry friends home when visiting
  • Out of respect for the animals, any food brought to the property must be vegan
  • Smoking and any weapons are prohibited on sanctuary property
  • All visitors will be required to check-in and sign a liability waiver
  • Please carefully follow all written and posted safety guidelines for each barn/habitat

Please note, if deemed necessary at the time of event, additional safety precautions may be put in place (like masking indoors) and/or certain areas of the sanctuaries may be off limits (for example, bird habitats depending on avian influenza risk) to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your cooperation!


Peace Ridge Sanctuary - 1111 Littlefield Rd., Brooks, Maine

In 2023, we are offering two different options for visits at our flagship shelter in Brooks. Guided Tours are at scheduled times and take visitors to each of our main animal barns to meet the residents and hear their stories. Guided tours offer a wealth of information for visitors and are appropriate for guests of any age, though we will touch on the reasons why our animals needed to be rescued. Tours are a great opportunity to ask questions and usually take about an hour and a half. Self-Guided Visits are also available for guests who want a little more flexibility to go at their own pace within the two hour window alloted and are often preferred by families with young children who may not have the attention span to go on a longer tour. Regardless of the type of visit, please make sure to check in at the welcome table when you arrive.

Guided Tours: 1:00 - 2:30pm or 3:00 - 4:30pm

Self-Guided Visits: 2:00 - 4:00pm (you may visit anytime in this window)



Please note, the size of guided tour groups is limited, so advanced registration is recommended to hold your place. If you arrive without a reservation and there are still openings, you can join a tour group, but otherwise, you'll be limited to a self-guided visit.


Northeast Equine Sanctuary - 222 Barns Rd., Albion, Maine

Come see our beautiful horse shelter! Visits to Northeast Equine Sanctuary are Open House style. You can reserve your space here, or just come in person - either way, make sure to check in first at the welcome table. Please note, while the sanctuary is on Irving Lane in Freedom, Maine, the main driveway entrance is off of Barns Road in Albion, which is the best address to use for GPS.

Open House Hours: 1:00 - 4:00pm (you can visit anytime in this window)










You do not need to reserve your spot in advance to come to the Open Houses in Freedom, but you'll have to check in when you arrive.

Little River Farm - 67 Perkins Rd., Belfast, Maine

Little River Farm is closed for public visitors, check back for updates.


Peace Ridge Sanctuary's 5k Run for the Animals

Peace Ridge Sanctuary invites you to our 2nd Annual 5k Run for the Animals & 1 Mile Fun Walk on October 14, 2023 at our Northeast Equine Sanctuary. The purpose of this event is to support the lifesaving work Peace Ridge does every day.

For more information and race registrations, click here!


Donors giving a minimum of $250 (in the current calendar year) may schedule a private tour between the months of June and October. All private tours are limited to no more than 6 guests (unless other accommodations are made) and must be booked by email ( at least two weeks in advance. While we will do our best to accommodate your preferred time/date, please know we will not be able to make all dates/times work given our busy schedules here but will work with you to try to find a time that works. Private tours are typically scheduled in the afternoon and run about 1.5 hours, though you can spend more time visiting after if you would like. If you would like to bring a vegan picnic to enjoy after your tour you are welcome to do so.


Please reach out if you would like to schedule a tour for a school or youth group by email giving as much notice as you can. While we will do our best to accommodate your preferred time/date, please know we will not be able to make all dates/times work given our busy schedules here but will work with you to try to find a time that works. Private tours are typically scheduled in the afternoon and run about 1.5 hours. If you would like to make arrangements to have a picnic at the sanctuary before or after your tour, please let us know in advance. Out of respect for our animals and our mission, any food brought to the sanctuary must be vegan. If you have any questions on this policy, let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and for helping to ensure that our visiting season is enjoyable and safe for everyone! If you have any questions, please email: