Rabbits Available for Adoption

Fleur, Percival, & Andromeda

Fleur, Percival and Andromeda are looking to find a home where they can stay together as a trio! All three rabbits are about a year and half and have been spayed/neutered. After being rescued from devastating conditions in January of 2019 from a state cruelty case, these outgoing rabbits are looking for a loving home to call their own. Although they are inseparable, each rabbit has their own unique personality! Fleur, the largest, is extremely laid back and loves nothing more than snuggling with her smaller companions. Percy, the most reserved of the three, has an incredibly gentle demeanor and is always by Fleur’s side. Andromeda, the boldest personality, is curious and spunky; she’s always up for exploring or a good scratch between her ears. Despite a tough start in life, Fleur, Percy and Andromeda are thriving here at the sanctuary and are ready to find their perfect home!

If you think you might be the right fit, please read through our Adoption Contract and Adoption Application first. We are looking for adopters who will follow the house rabbit model – rabbits cannot be housed in a cage and must be housed inside with adequate play and exercise time.