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Founded in 2001, Peace Ridge Sanctuary is a nonprofit animal advocacy and conservation organization running four shelters for farmed animals, equines, and dogs in Brooks, Belfast, and Freedom, Maine. We’re in the process of growing our team and are reviewing applications for ANIMAL CAREGIVERS and BARN CLEANERS. We’re looking for strong, kind, reliable people who want to grow with the organization and help support our mission of actively rescuing animals from cruelty, neglect, and other emergency situations. If you want a job helping animals, read more about us, our open positions, and what we’re looking for below.

What you’ll find here – World-class shelters run with the highest ethic. Over 500 wonderful, deserving farmed animals, equines, and dogs rescued from some of the worst conditions imaginable, now living their best lives. Beautiful properties, meticulously maintained barns and habitats, and a positive work environment. A team of strong, kind people who are committed to helping animals. Meaningful work.

Open Positions – Animal Caregiver, Barn Cleaner

What does an animal caregiver’s day look like – Animal caregivers are tasked with keeping our rescued animals happy and healthy. While no two days will be exactly alike, every day will be focused on making sure all of the needs of our residents are met. Typical tasks include feeding and watering, health checks, medical protocols, preventative and special care, barn and habitat cleaning, veterinary and farrier appointments, maintaining medical records, enrichment, and associated tasks. Other tasks, such as helping other team members, preparing for new rescues, training interns or volunteers, participating in on-site events, etc. will be assigned on an as-needed basis. In the high-capacity shelter world, flexibility is key to making sure all the necessary tasks are completed each day, so ideal candidates are organized, detail-focused people who can also be flexible and make adjustments when needed.

What does a barn cleaner’s day look like – Barn cleaners are tasked with keeping our facilities cleaned and maintained in a way ensures hygienic and dignified living for the animals. Each of our barns and pastures is cleaned daily. Cleaning is a critical part of keeping our animals happy and healthy and barn cleaners play and essential and respected role on our team. Other tasks, such as groundskeeping, repairs, helping other team members, preparing for new rescues, etc. will be assigned on an as-needed basis. Ideal candidates are organized and good at following specific, detailed instructions. For people with farm experience, please familiarize yourself with our organization and mission before applying.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for people who are strong – Regardless of the position, sanctuary work requires physical, mental, and emotional strength. Whether you’re slinging 50 lb. grain bags and hay bales, catching and holding animals for medical care, setting up coral panels for an emergency rescue, cleaning a barn, doing pasture pickup, or working outside in any given weather conditions, we’re looking for people with stamina and grit who don’t mind putting in an honest day’s work to help animals live their best lives.

We’re looking for people who are kind – The animals are our family here and we are looking for people who will prioritize the animals’ health, safety, and love them like we do. Sometimes the animals don’t always cooperate the way we want them to, but that is ok, this is their home, so we’re looking for people who will be patient and kind. Even though we’re often working independently, we’re a team, so being kind and respectful of fellow staff and managers is essential. Our ideal candidates ask questions when needed and are easy to communicate with.

We’re looking for people who are reliable – Every day, the animals are counting on us to take care of them, so we’re looking for people who show up on time and work to meet each day’s goals.

We’re looking for people who want to grow with us – For animal caregiver positions, we’re always looking for people with experience in a high-capacity shelter, sanctuary, or veterinary setting, though we consider serious candidates who don’t yet have experience on a case-by-case basis for assistant caregiver positions. Barn cleaning positions are a great way to get your foot in the door, gain experience, and potentially grow to take on caregiving responsibilities. Regardless of where you’re starting, we’re looking for people who want to keep learning, keep getting better, and want to grow with the organization. We’re looking to invest in the right people long term and we’re looking for them to invest in Peace Ridge long term. What does long term mean to us? At least a year, (hopefully longer), so if you’re a job hopper or looking for a short term gig, please don’t apply.

More Details

Peace Ridge is a nonprofit, mission-driven organization. We strive to pay a living wage and support our team while they do this meaningful work, but candidates should understand nonprofit the nonprofit world is inherently different than the for-profit world. Here is some more information to consider:

  • Full-time candidates are preferred, part-time candidates will be considered
  • Work schedule remains consistent from week to week
  • Typical full-time schedule is 8am – 4pm, 5 days a week (paid ½ hour lunch)
  • Some weekend and holiday work will be required
  • Paid vacation and sick time is offered to full-time employees
  • Starting pay is $17 an hour with yearly raises based on performance
  • Staff must be respectful of our vegan mission
  • On-site housing may be available for an experienced, full-time animal caregiver (note: additional responsibilities would be required, partners/children cannot be accommodated, companion animals may be considered on a case-by-case basis)

Because we’re always looking for new hires to become long term team members who can help us help more animals, we want to make sure that you’re a good fit for us, and we’re a good fit for you. Here are the typical steps of our hiring process:

  • You fill out our required job application form (linked below)
  • If it seems like a good fit, we’ll set up a preliminary phone call
  • If you’re still interested and we are too, we’ll interview
  • We’ll look to you to give us feedback after the interview
  • While not always required, paid working interviews are often the last interview step

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Peace Ridge Sanctuary is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of an applicant’s race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, color, gender (including gender identity or expression), pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, physical or mental disability, genetic characteristics, protected medical condition, military status or any other classifications that are protected under applicable federal or state anti-discrimination law.