Dogs Available for Adoption

Updated October 31, 2022


This dude is Charlie. We picked him up at a stray holding in Ellsworth, Maine. He is a large, 2-4 year old dog with a funny personality (he sits when asked for “down” and throws himself down exuberantly when asked for “sit”…total goofball). He’s a playful boy, and he loves to hang out and chill, go for rides, and he walks great on a leash now – especially since being recently neutered!

He’s been good with other dogs here. Not sure on cats yet, but we are thinking cats are a no-go. We will certainly update that information if we find out differently.

Charlie is up for adoption now! He’d love to have a family. He likes people so much and would love a fenced backyard where he can play with the (well-behaved, non-obnoxious) kids! We got a DNA test for him and will post the results when we get them – we think he will be a very interesting mix of good dogs!

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Our sweet little poodle dude is such a loyal, sensitive, intelligent boy! Really, this dog has a shining personality. He is the director’s favorite, greeting her with enthusiasm and giving joyful affection when he sees his favorite people. Bax is somewhere between 3-4 years old. We believe he is a poodle/schnauzer mix- and what a great mix that is! He is smart, and very trainable, and loves to go for rides and long walks. He’s so happy to sit by your chair and relax and just watch the sky. He can be energetic but loves to settle down for a snuggle. He doesn’t bounce off the walls, but he will pick up and motivate if there is an exciting adventure offered, like water play pondside- which he loves.

Baxter is crate trained and walks well on a leash, but he is learning not to pull- pretty easy to teach through the stop and change direction technique. He pays close attention to his caretaker and takes direction easily- this is the kind of dog tricks trainers look for when they train for movies. He’s really quite the little character.

Bax likes some other dogs, but he needs to be told not to be a little stinker with some. Chill dogs are his favorite, other high-strung dogs are not a great match at all as he can be reactive when forced to be around other reactive dogs, and it does not bring out his best side. But he communicates clearly- so it’s easy to judge and really, there is no need for him to be forced to interact with situations he isn’t equipped to deal with. His cat tests also make us feel like a no-cats home would be best.

He does have some medical issues which we are working on and will need to continue to be attended to in his new home. But this does not come without support from our director. Baxter is on slow kill treatment for heartworm- his medications will come with him, and his retest can be performed next spring/summer with the help of our vets or at yours. He has no symptoms and it is not a critical situation- and it’s a straightforward process, which we give you the medical supplies to continue to treat. He also has a healed injury to his back hip, which does not cause problems for him so far. He will need to be on daily Cosequin supplements to support his joints for the rest of his life and may have issues with arthritis someday, but surgical intervention was not warranted at this time. Although he could certainly benefit from a reevaluation at some point in the future.

We will miss this little man, and all of his affectionate kisses and enthusiasm for life- but he’s ready to go by June 25th and we want him to move on to enjoy all the things that having his own family will bring. Click here for more information & to fill out an adoption application


Bonnie just had the last litter of puppies she will ever have before she was rescued. These puppies were rescued with her and she was a wonderful, attentive, playful momma dog, but it’s time for her to start her new life. She loves other dogs, and she is fine with cats. We believe that she is a Tamarack husky- and we were surprised to get to know that she is actually very calm most of the time, albeit when appropriate she can turn into a playful goofball. She is a very affectionate dog who is grateful for any kind gesture.

She came in emaciated but is now at a very healthful weight and savors every bite of her meals. She is so gentle when she takes a treat, you can tell she is thoughtful not to touch your fingers with her mouth, even though we know she suffered terribly at some point when she was struggling to nurse her babies and must remember the pangs of hunger.

Bonnie has very little training yet- our primary concern was weaning her puppies and putting weight on her. However, she has a wonderful temperament and starts at a nice place- building on her repertoire for successful family living will not be difficult.

We notice she was wary the last time we introduced her to a man, but she did warm up, she just needed to size him up from a distance. She loves every woman she meets and seems to think all good things come from female humans. We’d love her to find her very own human who she can continue her journey with- she deserves to get to know what life can really be like. She would do best in a home that respects that she will do best not to be thrown into tons of new situations too fast, rather she would like to go to a home that just lets her chill, and maybe has a fenced-in area for her to relax in (where she can get her zoomies out!). She will be ready to go the last week of July after she recovers from her spay surgery. Click here for more information & to fill out an adoption application


Miss Rosie has been with us for a year now, recouping from heartworm treatment.  She came into the sanctuary as most hounds do- needing to gain weight and recover from illness. She is a young 8-9 years and has a lot of life ahead of her. She has a WONDERFUL temperament and would love to finally be a part of a family who can appreciate that even though she is sometimes a big klutz, she has a bombproof social nature. She is a super dog-friendly, dog bed loving, chowhound who is so easy going and easy to please, she just kills everyone with her sad dog eyes and gentle “don’t hurt me” demeanor. We are aware of her poor start in life and are committed to finding her a family who can appreciate her funny Marmaduke ways.

Rosie has had many puppies. That is probably one of the reasons she is so easygoing- she had to deal with attending to the needs of her litters, constantly. She had never lived in a house, rather she is a typical kennel breeder. But she is in a home environment right now (ie. shared living space with another dog) and she is doing well.  She is nice to kitty cats and relishes in a soft pat or kind word.

Will she put her big old paws up on your counters- yes, she will. But she learns quickly with kind redirection and patience, and she really is so genuinely eager to please. She is extremely food motivated but is also easily trainable with just a bit of reinforcement with affection and loving touch. She doesn’t have much formal obedience training under her belt, but she is crate trained, learning to walk well on a leash, and learning to pay attention to various cues. She is a social dog who would enjoy almost any lifestyle. She would be happy with her own fence and a couch to retreat to.

Rosie does have a slight cough that may never go away- our vet says it is from scar tissue in her lungs. It doesn’t cause her any trouble, but she seems to keep getting turned down by interested adopters because of it. This is sad because it’s not indicative of any specific future medical trouble. Click here for more information & to fill out an adoption application


Scout is a lively younger dog, between 2-3 years old. Not sure of the mix, but she is 40 pounds, and may have some Catahoula in her mix. She is pretty good with other dogs who are dog social and like to play. But we are looking for a home for her where she can be the only pet, so she can start off in an environment where she doesn’t have too much to navigate straight off the bat. That’s not to say that she couldn’t do well with another dog, but sometimes other dogs get frustrated with her playful energy, and we think it would be really great for her to just be able to bond with a person without too much to figure out, including how to not get in another dog’s way, as she probably would, for lack of boundaries.

Scout is an athletic dog who would love to learn how to be a jogging buddy. She came in pretty green, and she needs to learn how to walk on a leash without turning it into a “keep up with me” marathon, but she does love to go for walks. She is totally freaked out by the prospect of having to go into a vehicle- and we can tell it’s because she got dumped off at the scary shelter where she almost died during her last ride with her family. See, she is definitely not an under-socialized dog. She is already familiar with so many things, and besides being unsprayed, she came into the shelter we found her in pretty good health overall- including being heartworm negative, in good weight, and with no fleas- which is unheard of in the area of her origin, unless a dog was a family housedog.

She is very trainable; she is food motivated and also responds well to general praise and encouragement. She won’t enter her new home knowing all the things that might be expected of her, but she will be worth the investment of time. She is crate trained and knows to potty outside.  She’d enjoy a life where she can have access to a fence or regular rigorous walks- really the combination of the two would be perfect, but one or the other is fine.  She loves the water, loves to play fetch the stick, and her favorite treats are whimsies. She is a no-cats dog. Click here for more information & to fill out an adoption application