Interested in starting a sanctuary?

It is very exciting that you are considering more ways that you can directly help farmed animals – they are among the most exploited beings on our planet and there aren’t nearly enough people actively helping them. Living a vegan lifestyle and educating others about the plight of farmed animals are essential steps for anyone who wants to help farmed animals. For those with the space, resources, and knowledge, offering sanctuary to survivors of animal agriculture can be a powerful way to have an even greater positive impact.

Speaking from our personal experience doing this work for nearly two decades, the work that we do here can be incredibly challenging, both physically and emotionally, but also very rewarding. Farmed animal sanctuaries serve as a model showing people an alternative way of interacting with farmed animals and provide individualized care (including a level of veterinary care that is typically reserved for companion animals like dogs and cats) in a clean, safe, respectful environment.

If you haven’t already, we recommend volunteering, interning, or working at a sanctuary that specializes in the species whom you hope to offer a home. There is nothing like getting hands-on experience to get a better understanding of farmed animal care as well as the myriad components of establishing, funding, and maintaining a successful sanctuary. Here at Peace Ridge Sanctuary, we have many opportunities for gaining valuable experience working with farmed animals. Those with experience (volunteer or paid) with farmed animals are our first choices when we are able to hire additional animal caregivers. For current opportunities please see:

* We strongly encourage individuals who want to start a sanctuary to have at least 12 months of major experience interning or working in a well established, well organized sanctuary environment.

Someday we hope to be able to develop online resources to share our vast knowledge about sanctuary-based farmed animal care. In the meantime, Farm Sanctuary maintains a website that has helpful information for people interested in learning more about starting sanctuaries as well as basic care guidelines for farmed animals.