COVID-19 Preparations & Response

Hi Friends,

Emergency response strategies and preparations are part of any reputable sanctuary’s ongoing planning – when you are tasked with caring for others, you always need to be looking ahead and preparing for the worst. We have been hard at work for the past several weeks making adjustments to minimize the risks to our animals and staff here at the sanctuary since we watched news emerge about the corona virus overseas. We are always paying close attention to potential outbreaks (especially when zoonotic) and feared it would be headed our way. And now there is no doubt that this global pandemic has found its way here to Maine.

We have been constantly updating our team, putting new policies in place, and collectively working to #FlattenTheCurve through social distancing (a concept our goat friends here don’t understand!) and other measures that all citizens should be taking to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Together, we have agreed that keeping each other and the animals we love safe is worth any personal sacrifices we need to make. We hope that you also agree and are taking measures to keep yourself, those you love, and those in your community safe – especially those who are at heightened risk of dying if they fall ill.

With so much uncertainty, about what the next several months hold, we have been carefully reconsidering how to modify out 2020 visiting season to allow people to see the animals and our beautiful sanctuary while also keeping everyone here safe – which will always be our top priority. Typically, our visiting season runs from June through October but we are anticipating that we may need to push off our start dates. As the situation continues to evolve, we’ll post a tentative 2020 schedule for visitors, while also reminding everyone that this schedule will be subject to change. While unscheduled visits are never allowed at the sanctuary, we often get people “just stopping by” – this cannot happen right now. We are not scheduling any visits right now and are asking people to please respect this wish for the safety of our animals.

In the meantime, we are considering virtual tours and other way to bring the magic of this very special and our very special rescued residents to you. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for doing your part to help keep each other safe.

Love, Everyone at PRS