Meet and Sponsor Our Turkeys


Sponsor Birdie! Birdie came to PRS in the fall of 2018 with an incredibly high parasite load and in rough shape. Severely neglected by someone keeping her flock as companions, her flock was dying when she reached out for help. So often we get in animals who are in horrific condition and nursing them back to health is a labor of love. Here, everyone receives the highest level of daily, individualized care.


Sponsor Bonnie! In early 2021, PRS took in a large group of turkeys from a local hoarding case. As is often the case, Bonnie’s caregiver started out with good intentions to provide a home to turkeys who needed help, but got into a situation where no one had proper housing or space, where turkeys were quickly breeding, and he could no longer afford to feed everyone. Over months, we worked to help and remove everyone.


Sponsor Another Turkey!

Maybe you met a special animal friend at PRS or saw their story on social media but don’t see them listed here. If you are looking to sponsor someone you don’t see, you can always select this option and we’ll follow up with you to help select the animal you want to sponsor.


Sponsor an Animal Who Needs You the Most!

Want to help one of our special rescued turkeys but not sure who to pick? Select this option and we’ll pair you with one of our wonderful animals who needs a sponsor! Or you can always email with any questions you might have first!