Meet and Sponsor Our Horses


Sponsor Cameo! Cameo came to PRS in the fall of 2016 and is a hilarious and spunky little pony who quickly stole all of our hearts. Cameo has chronic breathing problems that we are able to manage with special health protocols. Even though she is small, she can be quite bossy with the big horses but she has formed a special friendship with our rescued horse Sassafras whom she loves grazing beside.


Sponsor Dream! Dream is a former racehorse who was no longer wanted when he couldn’t perform up to speed. While this usually spells the end for racehorses who are routinely shipped to slaughter when they can’t keep up, he was kept around for breeding because of his special bloodline before ending up in a home where his guardians were no longer able to feed him. When we heard his story, we knew we needed to help.


Sponsor Fable! Fable was our first horse rescue at PRS. A former racehorse that got bounced around and ended up in a neglectful home where she had no shelter from the harsh Maine winters, no basic veterinary care, and wasn’t even reliably being fed and watered. When a massive ice storm hit, Fable’s guardian didn’t feed her for ten days. When we got the call, we knew we needed to help.


Sponsor Maven! Maven came to PRS from a state cruelty case along with her best friend, Max. Amish-broken and kept at a local farm where they were used for manual labor, the horses were worked hard every day and not given adequate shelter or enough to eat. When another starving horse was tied to a tree in a blizzard, this situation was finally reported, but in the meantime, Maven made her own daring escape.


Sponsor Max! Max arrived along with Maven from a state cruelty and starvation case where another horse was literally worked to death on the farm they were forced to perform manual labor at. When Max was seized by state agents investigating the dire situation, we was skeletal at only 900 pounds. Within only a few short months at PRS, he was up to a healthy 2100 pounds.


Sponsor Raquel! Raquel came to PRS after state agents seized her in a starvation and neglect case. When Raquel arrived her condition was dire. She was covered in internal and external parasites that were literally eating her alive and intake bloodwork showed she was in the final stages of starvation, muscle wasting. She got out just in time. Today, she is healthy and thriving.


Sponsor Sassafras! Sassafras was born at a well-known breeding facility where horses are culled if their color doesn’t align with the desired breed standards. Unwanted foals are put out back, given no training/socialization and often sent to auction. When she was ‘rescued’ this should have been her happily ever after, but we needed to step in when she was going to be shipped off yet again by her guardian.


Sponsor Another Horse!

Maybe you met a special animal friend at PRS or saw their story on social media but don’t see them listed here. If you are looking to sponsor someone you don’t see, you can always select this option and we’ll follow up with you to help select the animal you want to sponsor.


Sponsor an Animal Who Needs You the Most!

Want to help one of our special rescued horses but not sure who to pick? Select this option and we’ll pair you with one of our wonderful animals who needs a sponsor! Or you can always email with any questions you might have first!