Compassionate Corporate Sponsorship Program

Do you want your business to help do more good while also building a bigger audience for your valuable work? Our Compassionate Corporate Sponsorship Program was established to recognize the vision, kindness, and caring of businesses that want to help all animals thrive and live in peace. There are many ways that your business can help support our lifesaving work at PRS, here are just a few examples:

– One-time financial gifts
– Monthly sponsorships of animals or programs at the sanctuary
– Donating goods or services for events and/or silent auctions
– Sponsoring events or providing summer camp scholarships for local kids
– Sponsoring one of our free community open house days
– Donating food samples for our free community open house days
– Round up at the register programs
– Sponsoring the construction of a barn or special habitat – named in your honor
– Selling signature (ethically produced/vegan) products to benefit PRS
– Hosting benefit events (a percentage of profits to PRS) at your business
– Matching employee’s charitable giving to PRS
– Hosting company volunteer workdays at PRS
– Donating surplus fresh produce for our rescued animals
– Myriad other innovative ways to help our mission while increasing your visibility!

Our Compassionate Corporate Sponsorship Program is a great way for your organization to give back. We would love to highlight your generous gift on our social media and website to let people know about your compassionate, visionary business and help highlight your work to our large, growing audience. We would love the opportunity to talk with you in detail about different ways you can help us help the animals. Please contact to discuss further!