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2020 Visiting Opportunities

The ongoing global pandemic has necessitated that we make adjustments to our regular visiting season to balance providing access to our supporters while keeping our staff safe. In 2020 we are reducing the number of visiting days on site as well as requiring reservations for each visit and limiting the number of people at the facility at any given time. Regrettably, we will not be hosting any of our annual events, such as our Happy Cows or Gentle Thanksgiving Events or hosting a 2020 summer camp but we will be hosting a series of visiting days that feature self-guided tours with a limited number of guests allowed and advanced registration required. One of these visiting days is reserved specifically for donors, but the other days are open to anyone in our community. Per the rules on our website, donors giving at least $250 a year may still schedule private tours for groups of up to five with advanced notice between the months of July-October. Please note, masks and social distancing will be required for all visitors. Please keep reading to learn more about the safety restrictions we have in place for our 2020 visiting season.

For more information on visiting, and to book a tour, please click here.