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Horses may be one of the most celebrated yet abused animals in this country. They are glamorized in the racing industry while being tortured, drugged, and over-bred to produce machines to profit humans. They are forced to exert themselves in urban settings enduring hot temperatures and long hours while risking their lives among city traffic to provide novelty transportation. And they are ridden, trained, and unnaturally kept for simple human entertainment in circuses and petting zoos.

Their lives are cut very short, typically after only a few years when they are in their "physical prime", whereas horses can typically live up to 25 years. It is estimated that over 100,000 U.S. horses are sent to slaughter each year, with the majority being shipped to Mexico or Canada for processing and distribution. Since the overwhelming majority of Americans would not eat horse and in most cases it is considering "unsafe" for human consumption due to administered hormones and drugs, the meat is shipped overseas where the maket exists. Like any animal, horses deserve to live a natural life, free from human exploitation.

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