Geese & Ducks





Geese & Ducks

All of our geese have been rescued from back yard flocks which were being kept to breed for local commercial sale or for "pets". Geese have long lifespans- they can live as long as 30 years depending on the breed. Most people do not want to commit that long. As of 2012, we maintain a flock of 12 waterfowl, including 6 ducks and 6 geese.

Ducks and Geese are commonly used for egg production, meat, and in the production of foie gras. When used for meat and eggs, much like chickens, these fowl are kep in severe containment either stuffed in cages or in incredibly cramped barns where they are prone to injury and disease. In the production of foie gras, tubes are shoved down their necks and they are forceably fed 4 pounds of grain, 3 times a day to produce a diseased or 'fatty liver'. Amazingly, there are currently no federal laws protecting these graceful and beloved animals during their farmed lives.


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