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We actively participate in the No-kill movement through our dog rescue program. We work directly with our shelter partner in South Carolina to save dogs from euthanasia with a twofold purpose; giving great dogs a new chance at life, while supporting the mission of this poor, inundated shelter which is trying its best to move toward a no-kill model.

There is a commonly held myth here in America that shelter animals are "damaged goods". This myth kills perfectly adoptable animals by the millions every year. Our society needs to change- we need to stop breeding, buying and selling animals. We need to support the No-Kill movement by ADOPTING ONLY. When over 4 million animals are killed inside America's shelter system each and every year, the only socially responsible answer is to adopt animals in need.

In our two year partnership, we've rescued over 450 dogs. We've also networked and met with other Maine shelters to show them how to do the same, and we enable them to participate actively in this process by offering rescue transport services. Shelters here are using their available space to save animals- joining the ranks of progressive shelters all over America who are committed to making America a No-Kill society at last.

All of the dogs who come to Peace Ridge get the chance to be a part of a family environment once again, while waiting for families of their own to come along. Dogs like Poppy, Toby, Clover and Patrick get to have their second chance at a real life.

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