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All of our chickens were rescued out of production systems; some from people's backyards after they reached a "production peak" and were "no longer worth keeping," and others from factory farms. We have even been called to rescue chickens from the side of busy town roads where they had been abandoned.

Most people have no idea that chickens can live as long as house cats, well into their teens, because most chickens are not given the opportunity. Although most hens stop laying eggs around the ages of two to four- they still have a long way to go into their elder years. In food production though, this means these 'spent' chickens are slaughtered for inexpensive meat. Those raised specifically for food are kept in stressful, filthy, and inhumane conditions and fights are common. As a result, they have their sensitive beaks brutally sheared off and their toes clipped as chicks so they don't fight and 'damage the product'. These birds are forced to live a life of horror all while being drugged with antibiotics and growth hormones; it's no wonder they are considered to be the most abused animal on the planet. Learn more.

"What about cage-free, free-range, and organic chicken or eggs?"

A few of our chickens


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