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Our Residents

Our residents come from a number of situations, but they are all places where the animals would not have survived without our help. We prioritize helping animals from high-kill shelters, hoarders, municipal holding facilities, factory farms and hatcheries, and the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program.

The Peace Ridge Sanctuary director and volunteer staff answer an average of 60 calls per month from people who need help with animal related situations. Whether it be animals in distress, animals needing advocates, or animals needing direct emergency rescue, we do our best to do what we can for those animals in need. It is often a challenge to meet the need of an area where there is so much animal abuse and neglect and so little support for work that includes farm animal rescue. Please support us so that we can continue to do this work and meet the increasing demands for animal advocacy and rescue!

There are hundreds of rescue stories we could tell- accumulated over the past twenty years that our founder has been actively advocating for and rescuing animals. There are many that begin typically- with an animal who has been abandoned to a kill shelter, escaping only through some random luck thanks to the power of rescue networking, or the animal who has been in someone's back yard for years, with little food, water or touch, who is finally seen by someone who just won't give up until the animal is removed. But there are a few that really stick out, because the odds were truly stacked against the chance that the animal would ever make it out of their predicament. Click on the links to the left to read more about our lucky residents.

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