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We are Moving!!
October 24, 2015

Visit our Capital Campaign site for more information.

As many of you already know, in 2001, the Penobscot property was purchased with the expressed purpose of creating a sanctuary for animals like no other in New England. We set out to follow certain ethical, care and management protocols that would ensure our integrity while providing our residents with lives reflective of the love and care that we wish all animals could enjoy. The property in Penobscot was a “stepping stone property” however; it wasn't meant to be the place that carried our shelter far into the future. Rather, it was a place that would allow us to get started, help as many animals as we possibly could, while building a solid reputation in the animal rescue community- done on a tight, working budget, where spending was prioritized for animals. We had many goals which we've realized here- we have helped thousands of animals in the past 15 years. We've helped other organizations help animals, and we've given people an opportunity to step into our shoes- to experience what we've always known about animals- that they deserve a whole lot more than we allow them in our society.

We've known for quite a few years that in order to create the long-term vision that we originally set out to create for the animals of Peace Ridge, and to be able to offer more intervention and assistance in animal neglect, abuse and hardship cases, that we needed to have more space and even better habitats for the animals, more efficient facilities, and more staffing. We've wanted to invest in creating a legacy for animals- a home like no other which legally belongs to them forever, a place that works for animals in need and is secure forever. This vision necessitates that we move.

We have finally realized that dream- WE WILL BE MOVING!.

Peace Ridge Sanctuary has secured the largest land holding for sanctuary animals on the eastern seaboard. We are purchasing an 800 +/- acre estate-farm in mid-coast Maine, just 40 minutes from our Penobscot property, where, with your help hopefully, we will be setting up a comprehensive facility designed to rescue, rehabilitate and care for the animals who need us. We will still be specializing in farmed animals, dogs and small animals- our mission has not changed. In addition, we will be creating a major equine rescue facility, as well as developing a wildlife rehabilitation and release program over time.

Securing this property has been a major undertaking, and this is why we've been more quiet than usual in 2015. We've focused our attention on the animal rescue that happens on a weekly basis here, trying to attract support for the operations budget- which is never easy, while working on a “silent capital campaign” to raise the purchase costs for this amazing, one of a kind, paradise for animals. In the end, a handful of special donors made this happen- we are eternally grateful to them!

So, for now – please catch your breath with us and stay tuned! We will be launching the second phase of our capital campaign soon- identifying infrastructure needs for the new facility. In addition, we will outline the many ways you can help us raise the funds we need to make the move and future development happen.

Visit our Capital Campaign site for more information.


Goat Rescue Update
April 10, 2015

The first round of kids began arriving during the middle of January. There were eleven who were born weak and frail during the first cycle of births to mothers who seemed loving but inexperienced and in temperatures that were not conducive to being outdoors. Their inexperience was likely due to their previous setting, a dairy farm, where they were not allowed to keep and care for their babies once born. All eleven made it with special round the clock care which lasted nearly two months- they are growing, doing well and will be enjoying their first spring with the rest of the rescued herd. April 1st marked the first baby born in the second cycle of births that we've been anticipating. But this time, the temperatures are on our side and babies seem to be viable enough to stay in the barn- with their mamas as their primary caretakers as it should be!

This particular rescue has been complex and expensive. We rescued a total of 18 goats from this one particular neglect situation, and we expect the new herd total, post-birthing, will be around 40- that's right 40 individuals!

We are treating long term, chronic illnesses in many of the adults, while the babies born also need certain things in the coming months to get them ready to be herd-healthy. We appreciate the support we have gotten from the public, and we hope we can count on you as we continue to deal with the long term expenses associated with this major rescue undertaking!


Major Goat Rescue
January 4, 2015

Horrible conditions at the site

Freedom ride to their new home!

In December, we were contacted by the local animal welfare authorities to assist in the removal of 16 goats who have been neglected and living inside a dilapidated barn their entire lives (meaning more than 10 years for some). These goats had never seen sky, never grazed or even touched the earth, and never had medical care. Their barn was never even cleaned! As a result they had steadily been rising to the rafters of the barn on a manure “floor” that is over 30 feet deep. The barn door has been inaccessible for years with piles of manure blocking it, leaving the goats inside a lifelong dungeon. The group that was living were among the dead bodies of those who couldn't survive these terrible conditions.

All of the goats required medical care due to years of neglect. Their hooves were long, curled, mangled, and rotting. Some have horns that were smashed off and others had dangling horns that needed to be surgically removed. All of the goats need major restorative hoof work. Some of them have tumors - one doe has a growth on her stomach that is the size of a bowling ball. These are all very painful conditions that they have had to endure.

Many of the females are in varying stages of pregnancy. One mother with a baby had difficulty getting herself up on to her painful feet as her kid tried to suckle. They have been breeding and birthing their kids atop of their own excrement for over a decade.

We have sucessfully pulled out all 16 goats from three separate visits to the site. This despite pressure from local Amish farms that were vying to take the goats that we had to leave behind after each transport and place them back into production or slaughtered for food.

Because of the success of our fundraising along with other sources that we have managed to develop in the past four weeks, the barn for these goats is now on-site! We sincerely appreciate the donor support that we have gotten - you helped to make this happen! With your help all of the goats will be calling Peace Ridge Sanctuary home!

Please follow us on Facebook for continued updates on the status of the goats and the babies that are soon to be expected!


Vaute Couture T-Shirts
November 20, 2014

Working with Vaute Couture, this top was created with a painting by Cheryl L Miller of 46 Million Turkeys to benefit Peace Ridge Animal Sanctuary, and to give a face to the 46 million individual turkeys who are raised to be killed and eaten just for one single Thanksgiving in America.

The shirt looks amazing with jeans or a high waisted skirt.
100% Organic Cotton scoop neck tee from Alternative Apparel.
Dyed with low impact fabric dyes & sustainably printed with water based inks.
Sustainably printed in Brooklyn.
SIZING: This tee is a fitted women's style.

Click to purchase


New residents!
June 10, 2014

Over the past few months, we have assisted in the rescue of a pig and 2 baby turkeys. Valentine the pig is perhaps one of the sweetest pigs we have ever met; she loves our attention.  She eagerly meets anyone who visits her with a happy grunt.  Val came to us via a local animal shelter where interested hobby farmers were inquiring about 'adopting' her to likely be slaughtered.  The shelter staff wanted to see her live and they contacted us to help.  We gladly rescued Val and now she enjoys her days stress-free, napping in the shade, digging in the dirt for goodies, and interacting with Missy and Hemlock. Also added to the sanctuary are two baby turkeys. One of our supporters rescued them from terrible conditions at an "organic" turkey farm, and these little ones are very lucky since they are usually killed at only 4 months old. Now they will be able to enjoy their days taking dust baths, exploring the sanctuary, and live a long happy life. We don't know their gender yet and haven't named them, so for now they are "Cute Baby Turkey 1 and 2".


Emergency Rescue Completed
January 26, 2014

In November, we were alerted to a cruelty and neglect case where almost 80 animals were without adequate food, water and shelter and were living in their own filth. Many of the animals were also suffering from medical neglect. Because the animals were non-traditional rescues (farm animals mostly) Peace Ridge was forced to take this on as the sole rescue operator versus local humane societies. We split the animals into groups- those in the worst condition were removed first. It has taken us over TWO MONTHS to get everyone out while we kept an eye on everyone who was left on-site and supported them with food and water etc. We are pleased to announce that we finished the operation last week with the removal of the last animal there- a horse who we've named Fable. 

Rescued horse Fable meets our handsome calf, Theo, at the sanctuary.

Eden was in poor physical condition when she arrived at Peace Ridge.  We wouldn't typically shear sheep going into the winter, but her wool was so dirty and matted we needed to remove it, but we have coats to keep her warm. Eden has now found a new best friend in Rocky, one of our resident sheep.

One rescued rabbits' foot shows years of neglect.


Annual Christmas Wreath Sale
December 1, 2013

It's that time of year again- time to purchase your Christmas wreaths at Peace Ridge Sanctuary! Beginning on Saturday, November 30th we will have wreathes on display at the sanctuary here in Penobscot. The wreathes are fully decorated with natural woodland items (mushrooms, pine cones, nuts and lichen), and have beautiful double bows. These are not skimpy wreathes- they are thick and beautiful and have been made with care. We will be offering shipping up until the end of the second week of December, or you can come straight to PRS- it's a self-pay stand at the top of the driveway! We hope you will consider supporting our rescue by purchasing your holiday wreathes from PRS! Any questions or for ordering please contact us.


Peace Ridge featured at gallery opening for 46 Million Turkeys
November 25, 2013

To celebrate the opening of 46 Million Turkeys by Cheryl Miller at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, we were invited to participate in the festivities. A vegan potluck dessert event was held while perusing the millions of turkey portraits and art pieces graciously created by Cheryl and many other artists. For more information about 46 Million Turkeys, visit their website.


Our Gentle Thanksgiving was a great success!
November 2, 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Gentle Thanksgiving Celebration. The sold out corwd enjoyed a beautiful day beginning at the sanctuary where a feast was prepared for our animal residents, including of course, our turkeys. From there we enjoyed a delicious vegan buffet dinner prepared by the chefs at Eden Restaurant (Bar Harbor) while enjoying the live music of Abigail Dowd. Our silent auction also featured many wonderful items like harbor sails, resurant gift certificates, artwork, and gift baskets. We look forward to next year's event!


Dogs (and Cats) on a plane!
September 8, 2013

Our domestic companion animal adoption program is continuously getting calls from our partner shelters in the south to rescue animals who are on death row. These animals did nothing wrong, but unfortunately they were abandoned at over-crowded shelters. We work tirelessly to network with our audience in the Northeast to adopt these dogs to loving homes. Occaisionally we are lucky to partner with Pilots N' Paws, a volunteer group of pilots who fly rescued animals to safety.


Local Eagle Scout candidate sponsors our new quarantine barn
July 27, 2013

Isaiah Albert, a local Boy Scout who is vying for Eagle Scout, has chosen to build us a much-needed quarantine barn! The barn will feature 4 stalls, a work room, and hay storage to house animals who are either in need of special care of recently rescued. It will provide a safe and secure place away from our residents in order to nurse the animals back to health without the threat of spreading any ailments to others. Isaiah chose to help us after visiting and volunteering at the sanctuary many times. He has a special connection with our residents and wants to ensure they are kept safe and healthy throughout their lives. We are greatful to Isaiah and his dedication to help us care for and save more animals. The new building will be built entirely with volunteer help and has been designed to be easily dismantled when the sanctuary relocates to its larger property in the near future.


Good Day Maine live interview with Melissa Andrews
July 27, 2013

One of our board members, Melissa Andrews, was interview on the live morning show, Good Day Maine on FOX23! Click here to watch.


Our mission and progams are featured on WGME CBS 13
June 27, 2013

We were featured on the 11pm news broadcast (7/26/13) on WGME CBS 13. If you missed the story, follow the link below to meet a few of our residents, hear their stories, and learn about our exciting goals which you can help make a reality! Click here to watch.


New Ways to Give
June 10, 2013

Peace Ridge is excited to announce the start of 3 new donation programs giving you more ways to help us.  

The Sponsor an Animal program allows you to setup a monthly donation amount that helps fund the food, care, and shelter for one of our residents.  And if you've visited us before and have a special someone in mind, please let us know.  The sponsorship is active for 12 months and you can certainly renew at the end of the term.

If you would rather offer a sustained monthly amount, we now offer the Monthly Giving option where you choose a an amount to give and we take care of the rest!

We are also excited to announce the start of our Give So More Can Live campaign.  Our current property is quickly approaching its capacity and we are actively seeking a larger property around the greater Portland area that would carry us into our future; forever rescuing animals in the State of Maine and beyond.  Stay tuned for more information on this campaign.

In the meantime, visit the links above and consider helping our an animal in need!


Our New Look!
April 10, 2013

We have completed our makeover featuring our new logo! Enjoy our new and expanded website that has lots of information about us, our programs, our residents, and the issues. Also, check out the Get Involved and Donate page to see how you can help us make a difference! You can also visit our Store to purchase new PRS gear. As always, all proceeds go directly to the animals.


New Pig Barn
March 27, 2013

Hemlock and Missy are enjoying their brand-new barn. This A-frame structure was built using funds raised from our wonderful supporters to give our pigs a place all to themselves.Thank you to you all!


Pig Rescue - Welcome Missy
January 31, 2013

Our newest resident is a beautiful, intelligent, and playful pig! Missy comes to us after living on a farm where she was neglected her whole life. She was denied shelter, consistent food and water, and no access to warmth. Missy escaped from her make-shift pen one day, and ran down the street with icicles hanging from her neck- and this is what spawned the final rescue after neighbors reported the deplorable conditions. Animal Control seized Missy and many other animals and we were contacted to help. Missy and her friends are now thoroughly enjoying themselves in a place where they will always be loved. Read Missy's full rescue story.


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