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There is a specific, overwhelming need to resolve animal cruelty and neglect situations abroad and within our state. The abundance of hobby and slum farms in Maine have challenged animal welfare authorities, as well as traditional animal shelters who are not equipped to address situations where there are animals other than small, domesticated or household pets involved.

Our state desperately needs a comprehensive animal shelter like Peace Ridge Sanctuary to “step up” efforts to close gaps in services – making non-traditional rescue (a term we’ve coined that refers to rescue of animals besides dogs and cats) less challenging and more readily available. This is what we are striving to do. Developing this new 791-acre property will allow us to offer comprehensive services to those animals who traditionally go unnoticed - those animals are farmed animals and horses.

Developing new facilities at the Brooks property will allow us to continue our involvement in supporting animal seizures by the Maine State Animal Welfare Program. In addition, it will allow us to support and collaborate with shelters around our state for the benefit of farmed animals and horses.

Our new property in Brooks will also allow us to continue and expand our companion animal rescue programs. We will help more animals than ever!





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