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What do we strive to do at Peace Ridge Sanctuary?

It's simple. We are more than just an animal shelter, we are their home. We rescue and rehabilitate animals- we give them what they need to heal and to thrive. We provide the quality of life at our shelter that all animals deserve, and we are focused on providing this for as many animals as we can. The animals that find us are very lucky- those who must stay with us are some of the few in our society who will finally have the ability to live according to their natural predispositions; to live free from the predominant social framework that is so limiting to them. They get the opportunity to become who they truly are - individuals who have unique likes and dislikes, emotions and sensibilities, who love and learn and communicate their deep emotions in their very own ways.

In living at Peace Ridge, the animals develop to their potential, and we invite people to interact with them within our paradigm of respect- to reconsider who animals are and how they should be treated.

Our model provides the stage to challenge the common mythologies that we've been taught about animals. Our message is: animals are much more than we commonly think they are. The sanctuary movement presents the opportunity for wider audiences of the public to tap into what those of us living the sanctuary life already know about our animal friends. We can give people the ability to access a new set of observations, thoughts and long-term beliefs about animals - which promotes an overall paradigm shift in our society.

- Daniella Tessier, Founder





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