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Peace Ridge Sanctuary has developed a long-term vision plan that involves a facility that will accommodate animals that need us far into the future. We have developed our plan for sufficient infrastructure to support this vision.

Phase 1 – Let’s Get to Brooks!

Keeping a promise to them…a place…where they can live in Peace!

We are so excited to make the transition to Brooks! We can see the current residents now – when they step onto their new property – it will be a joyful celebration! We are looking forward to sharing this incredible place with our Peace Ridge community!

We plan to begin transitioning our current Peace Ridge Residents to the new property during the summer of 2016 and have all of current residents transitioned over by late fall 2016. A successful move this summer would also allow us to take the animals on our waiting list, most who are in increasingly urgent need.

The transition to Brooks will involve the following:

  • Moving existing barns to the new property
  • New barns to accommodate current residents and providing sufficient space for animals currently on our waiting list
  • Program/staff support
  • Miscellaneous operational support

Phase 1 – Getting to Brooks!

$ Estimated Cost

Large Animal Barns (horse, cow, goats, sheep, pigs)


Bird Barns (Geese, Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Guinea Hens)


Bunny Barn




Pack house (Intern/Dogs)/Dog Building Modifications


Moving costs/transport vehicle (Animals and Existing structures to be reused)


Property Improvements


Hay Storage


Program/Operations Support during the transition





Long- Term Vision Plan

The total funding needed to carry out our vision at the new property is $1.6M and includes the following:

  • Farm animal barns and shelters
  • Equine facility
  • Comprehensive companion animal shelter facility and pack housing
  • Program support (overnight staff, interns)
  • Quarantine and medical facilities
  • Minimal transportation costs for moving animals to their new home
  • Operating costs at both locations during transition to new property/first year of operations at new property including staff, relocating existing portable barns (5) and structures (recently acquired dog building) to the new property
  • Miscellaneous fundraising activities/events
  • Resource administration

(We note that Phase 1 costs are included in our total budget to carry out our vision in the table below.)

Budget for our long-term vision (includes phase 1)

$ Estimated Cost

New barns (farm animals and equines), fencing, site work


New companion animal facilities/pack housing for dogs


Moving costs/transport vehicle (animals and existing structures to be reused)


Modifications to existing structures


New equipment/support vehicles


Program support (overnight staff/volunteers/interns)


Operations (both locations during transition)




Administrative expenditures (Allowance)







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