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Sanctuary Operations 
Peace Ridge Sanctuary provides a permanent home to over 160 farmed animals.  These animals are given a lifetime of clean and safe shelter, ample open field space, veterinary care, food, water, love, and respect.  They are afforded the opportunity to live out their natural lives and to live their lives with dignity.

Farmed Animal Rescue and Transportation 
Our residents come from a number of situations, but they are all places where the animals would not have survived without our help. We prioritize helping animals from high-kill shelters, hoarders, municipal holding facilities, factory farms and hatcheries, and the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program. The Peace Ridge Sanctuary director and volunteer staff answer an average of 60 calls per month from people who need help with animal related situations. Whether it be animals in distress, animals needing advocates, or animals needing direct emergency rescue, we do our best for those animals in need. It is often a challenge to meet the need of an area where there is so much animal abuse and neglect and so little support for work that includes farm animal rescue, but our dedication will continue. If we cannot take in the animal ourselves, we help network, re-train, otherwise aid in situations where animals are in jeopardy of being surrendered for convenience, or because of behavioral problems.  We try to help secure the animal in their environments whenever possible and/or whenever it is in the best interest of the animal. Although we cannot take every animal that we are approached about, we work diligently with all of our other area no-kill shelters to make sure animals in need get the placements they deserve. We never say "no" and leave it at that- there is a process that we are engaged in for every animal that we contacted about.

Educational Programs for Appropriate Re-homing for Farmed Animals 
We work with local animal welfare organizations and have an ongoing dialogue with other shelters in Maine to educate them on the appropriate re-homing of farmed animals.  This includes educating them on the proper facilities, food, and general everyday care that farmed animals require.  For many shelters, when farmed animals are brought to their facility, their solution is to contact local industry (producers) who in turn often use or slaughter the animal, but through our outreach, we have been successful in preventing this from happening by offering re-homing services. Now, when an animal shelter in Maine receives a farmed animal, they know they can reach out to Peace Ridge, and we will facilitate appropriate rescue resources for those animals. The Whitefield cruelty and neglect case is a recent example of this working relationship.

Adoption Program and No-Kill Promotion 
We actively participate in the No-kill movement through our dog and cat rescue program. We work directly with shelters in North and South Carolina to save dogs and cats from euthanasia with a twofold purpose; giving great animals a new chance at life, while supporting organizations who are actively trying to network animals to safety. By working with, educating and forming rescue partnerships with local animal shelters, Peace Ridge has been able to increase the number of companion animals saved from high kill facilities.  Peace Ridge Sanctuary has space to house approximately 5 to 6 rescued dogs at one time.  As we find permanent and foster homes for our rescued dogs, we rescue new dogs in an ongoing process to save as many lives as we can.

To see our list of animals available for adoption, click here.

Foster Program
In conjunction with our “No-Kill” Promotion Partnership, we oversee dog and cat foster homes that join our active rescue program. PRS has developed an extensive foster care network which has allowed us to maximize the number of dogs we are able to save. We provide all veterinary care, food, and offer on-going foster support including training guidance. Our foster homes have been well-researched and are continually visited by our staff to ensure that the proper facilities and care are provided for the animals. Our foster homes are provided with training resources that help animals develop their adoptability and are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

We are always in need of foster homes for our animals. If you can help, please contact us.

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